Retail recruitment for luxury and premium brands

Are you tired of investing too much money, time and energy in the search for suitable employees for your RETAIL business? Are you looking for the best POS talents, store managers or RETAIL area managers for your premium or luxury RETAIL brand? I understand the challenges you face and the direct impact these difficulties have on your RETAIL operations.

That's why I've made it my mission to find top RETAIL talent for luxury and premium brands. Employees who not only drive significant revenue but also align seamlessly with your brand both personally and professionally, representing your company with integrity.

Are you looking for suitable RETAIL specialists on the German-speaking job market? I will convince the ideal employees from my extensive network and the market of your company in Germany and Austria.

over 10 years of RETAIL recruitment experience
More than 200 successful placements
Extensive active and passive candidate portfolio
Excellent know-how of the market
Premium recruitment tools
International background

Recruitment portfolio

Recruitment portfolio

Point of sale

Store Manager
Assistant Store Manager
Department Manager
Client Advisor

Retail Management

Retail Director
Head of Retail
Retail Operations Manager
Retail Area Manager

B2B Sales

Head of Sales
International Sales Manager
Key Account Manager
Sales Representative


Head of Finance
Head of Controlling
Head of Accounting