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Why I am the right recruitment partner for you?

Finding the right RETAIL experts who fit your brand values is tough. I am well-versed in the market and understand that finding the right POS staff as well as RETAIL management who aptly represents your premium or luxury brand to the external world, can be a time-consuming and energy-intensive endeavor. I can save you the time, effort and give you a better chance of success. As a RETAIL expert, I understand your needs, listen carefully and use targeted pre-screening to recruit the right candidates that match your corporate culture. Honesty, discretion and transparency are my core values.

Leveraging my expertise in RETAIL recruitment and my extensive network, you will be better able to attract and secure top-tier candidates, suitable for both individual roles and entire teams. My portfolio takes in POS candidates and experienced RETAIL management in Germany and Austria - your company can be headquartered worldwide.

What makes my matches so perfect?

With more than 200 successful direct placements exclusively in the RETAIL business, clients and candidates have trusted me for over 10 years. My team and I work with tried and trusted headhunting tools as well as some innovative sourcing strategies bringing the best of international best practice to the local market.

With profound psychological knowledge, a great deal of empathy and persuasiveness, I find highly qualified specialists and managers for your business. The biggest challenge is not finding relevant experience, but matching this with your values and corporate culture. Building a close relationship with my clients and candidates, I am ideally placed to oversee this corporate culture match.

How do I work?

Olga Hofmann Recruitment specializes in the direct placement of RETAIL employees in Germany and Austria. Before I engage on a project, I take the effort to understand the company and the role in detail. After that qualitative approach, we will collaboratively discuss our individual terms and conditions. One aspect is guaranteed: the majority of my fee is only due upon the successful filling of the position. 

The work to ensure a lasting match continues beyond dispatching my final invoice to you. I accompany and advise my clients throughout the entire application process extending my support until the conclusion of the candidate's probationary period. Additionally, I always know each of them personally. Quality beats quantity.

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Your advantages:

Exceptionally large retail network
Excellent knowledge of human nature and empathy
Quick understanding of customer needs
High ability to convince potential candidates
Long-standing, friendly relationships with the candidate network
Efficient, honest and uncomplicated way of working
Discreet and confidential approach
International background
Continuous recruitment training


From time to time, I have had the capacity to offer some of my team to work outsourced to my clients, working either remote or on-site. Whilst this is not a core activity, I have experienced providing creative solutions for clients on a flexible basis. 

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